Here's WHAT OUR students SAY about their experience at Golf with Freedom Lesson center



Brandon Richardson is at the forefront of golf instruction.  He helps you create a learning environment that allows you to develop as a golfer; an environment that is free of evaluation and focuses instead on awareness and making adjustments.  But he does not leave you to be your own teacher without guidance.  Quite the contrary.  The best learning is always a partnership and interactive.  Spending time on the lesson tee with Brandon is enjoyable, educational and liberating.  
I have played golf for nearly 50 years, at times competitively, and always pretty well.  I have been taught by some of the most famous names in instruction over this period. Obviously I benefitted from their instruction. 
On the other hand, since working with Brandon this is the first time I have truly enjoyed playing golf and the first time I have felt that golf instruction is a genuine partnership.  Brandon knows how to help you learn and how to become your best teacher.  I regard him as not only indispensible, but a gift.


“I have been taking lesson from Brandon on and off for a number of years, and his approach is unique in that he focuses not only on the mechanics of the swing, but also on the “right brain” senses, both of which have been extremely helpful to me. Recently back to Palm Springs, my first golf outing was lesson than pleasant. I had close to zero confidence in my swing, and I had been struggling most of the summer with my game. I signed up and took a one hour lesson with Brandon. He listened intently to my concerns and asked me what I wanted to focus on. He took videos of my swing for analysis, discussed what was the cause of my faults path and hour to correct, and within one hour I was hitting the ball straighter and with more awareness of the mechanics of my swing. I was then able to take that awareness out on the course and shoot one of my best rounds ever. Where ever you are in terms of your skill set and goals, Brandon always provides a unique approach to learning and offers each student a personal venue to explore.


"Before working with Brandon it wouldn't take long for technical jargon, past and future "stories" and general baggage to accumulate throughout the round leading to me playing below my capabilities. Now tournaments and "tight spots" are an enjoyable exploration of the moment, not a fear of past and future failures. From a scoring standpoint this led to a move from the mid 70's to the freedom allowing me to shoot low 70's and high 60's. This was a jump that had alluded me for two decades. Golf with Freedom also extends beyond the golfing life, helping me be present and aware with family and coworkers. I'm listening better, and engaging more thoughtfully by being present and attuned to the people around me."


"My experience with Brandon was incredible and groundbreaking for me. I say ‘groundbreaking’ because I was at a plateau in my golf game and couldn't break out of the mid 70s. Not too bad, but those scores don't win tournaments, which was my goal. Brandon helped me become aware of something very simple but very profound: realizing where my attention was while hitting a shot. I had no idea that my pre-shot routine was going to waste because I lost sight of my target and intention as soon as I addressed the ball. Through various exercises, I was able to strengthen my visualization and stay connected with my target. With some practice and consistency after the coaching I received, I have made what I learned a natural part of my game and have benefited immensely. I recently turned pro and have competed in two events on the Cactus Tour so far. In the past six tournament rounds, I've been 20 under par with a tie for third and a WIN! I shot a new career-low 64 on the last day of my recent victory and the confidence in my game, especially under pressure, has never been higher. I can humbly say that I would be nowhere near the player I am today without all that I learned from Brandon. I have only great things to say about my experience and invite any golfer wanting to make strides in their game to spend a day with Brandon." 


"Brandon transformed my approach to the game and my swing with only 2 hours of coaching, and the results have been incredible. He worked with me so that I could understand and know how my body interacts with and swings the golf club. Previous "instructors" focused only on mechanics and tried to force my swing into an ideal, but this traditional approach just filled my head with distracting swing thoughts. Brandon's coach-not-teach approach helped me feel my swing, focus on getting the ball to the target, and remove physical and mental barriers to good play. He also changed the way I approached the driving range so that I now learn from "bad" shots rather than just mindlessly pound at balls.                               After many years at a 13-15 index, and a lifetime personal best score of 82, my first round after working with Brandon was an 81, and the next round was a 77. I now have multiple rounds in the 70's and a single-digit index. I am still stunned by the change in my game.                                                                                               This approach also works well with juniors - I took my 11-year-old daughter to see Brandon and in an hour helped her overcome erratic contact and a push-slice. her next round was her first tournament, and she hit great shot after great shot, all with a huge smile of surprise and delight. She even ended up with the low score in her age division in the Club championship. The impact of a few hours with Brandon were incredible, but even more important is how much she and I are now enjoying playing the game together. 


"Brandon is a gifted coach. he doesn't just focus on mechanical adjustments, he helps you to unlock your natural athletic ability and gives you the tools to keep working on your game on your own. he helped me to approach ball striking and drawing/fading the ball in new ways that really connected with me. The 2 hour workshop I took was one of the best lessons I've ever had I wish I had that lesson 30 years ago!"



"Brandon, thank you so much for some great coaching at the Proponent Summit.  We were discussing "stuff" that happens in a swing, and you talked to me about just hanging out with it, experiencing it without judgement, and truly checking into awareness.  Had the most amazing practice session, and then followed up in my own coaching session with a group, checking out being present and aware.  It was the most powerful experience, and it all started with our conversation. Thank you for some great coaching!"



"I've been playing at golf for 20 years and never really knew what I was doing until taking a series of lessons from Brandon this winter (2009). I always thought I was a visual learner and needed to be shown what I was doing wrong (and then how to ‘fix’ it). Well, I was wrong. Now I'm playing golf, truly playing. It's fun; every shot is an opportunity. There are fewer ‘stories’ and thoughts going off in my head. I'm enjoying the day, the setting and the people. When I can remember to be the new guy (and lose the old habits), the shots and scores have been better than ever. Even if things aren't going great, I'm never ‘two bad shots from insane,’ like some people I know. Even practice is more fun, trying new things and being more aware of what I'm doing."



"After shooting in the neighborhood of 130 and being the worst golfer in any foursome, I went to Brandon for help. I signed up for 4-30 minute lessons, made good progress but wanted to learn more.This week after 3 more lessons I played 9 holes at a local course where I had 3 pars and one birdie. I am one happy golfer! 



"In two decades of competitive golf I have tried every swing gimmick, applied every golf rubric, and rarely ever allowed myself the freedom to experience the peace and joy the game can provide. I excelled enough to play collegiate golf, participate in two U.S.G.A. national championships, and receive the accolades of my coaches and competitors. But on the course I still fretted over the coulds, the woulds, and the shoulds because I primarily played golf for the approval of my peers. And in the last few years I was stuck in what felt like a permanent rut of frustration. Every golf shot was a threat and not an opportunity. When I came to my first lesson with Brandon my intentions were simple. I sought commitment not doubt, trust not fear, joy not despair. I finally threw in the towel of my self-judgmental old ways. It did not matter to me if my scores improved, (although I just recently shot the lowest score of my life!) I just wanted to be carefree on the course. “Golf With Freedom” taught me being precedes doing and that within all of us there is a golfer supplied with natural instincts, ready to explore and realize the possible, but is suppressed through time by negative self- judgments. I have begun to let that golfer out, and am now aware that with golf, as with life, the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves." 



"There is more to the game of golf than just having a good swing and Brandon is one of the only coaches I have met who recognizes this. He goes the extra mile, is a good listener, thinks outside the box and honestly cares about the student. It's remarkable how much further I am hitting the ball and how many more fairways and greens I am hitting after just one two-hour session with Brandon."



“I have spent several days with Brandon and it certainly changed my approach to the game. The difference is that I enjoy the game more than I ever have and the result is that I'm playing as well as I ever have. It really is a lesson in life.”



"It was fun, productive, revealing, reinforcing, thought-provoking and inspirational. I have come away with the confidence that I can continue to explore golf as a recreational and social activity. Now pausing to reflect on what was different is a technique I can see using in all aspects of my life." 



"Thank you for the most insightful lesson I have ever had! The awareness of my my center at address and throughout the swing to my finish had a significant and immediate impact on making solid contact. I enjoyed my practice today and look forward to practicing and ingraining it further."  



"This has been an invaluable process and the amount of information from Golf with Freedom and Extraordinary Golf that is impacting my business and family life is simply amazing. I'm really learning to focus and live for this moment more than any time in my life, and I'm now taking the time to develop a simple goal and plan for most of things that I do, which means that I'm getting so much more out of all my efforts. In addition, the lesson to focus only on the things that I can impact (and not necessarily the ramifications, which are beyond my control) is an important coping mechanism for these economic times. For that, I feel extremely grateful. Thank you!!! After the last lessons, I hit an approach shot from about 140 yards, and I felt the entire path of my hands. The ball went to the target as intended. It hit a small area of hard pan short of the green that sloped away and shot into the trees. Who knew they had an area of turf that wasn't getting adequate coverage from the sprinkler system? Instead of getting upset, I only felt good about the shot because I focused and executed as intended and can't control that small section of hard pan. It was an important moment on many levels. By the way, I stayed composed and got an Up and Down for a par!" 



"I have taken a handful of lessons in the past and yours was by far the most productive and informative of any of them."



"Today was the first round of golf that I actually had pure fun the entire time. It was also the only time that I have not gotten frustrated. I went out knowing that I was going to play a different kind of golf and focused on either having a clear mind, or something to do with freedom in my swing. I did start "mind babbling" after awhile, I felt worried that it(playing well)would end and eventually the usual mind clatter would come and be like it usually is, but now I am aware of this, and just being aware of it helped leagues. I was not disappointed with any shot because I wasn't playing for good shots, but guess what?! I have never played such good golf EVER! How wonderful! My putting was amazing! I would barely even look at the hole, but feel it, and get so close every time. It really does also have so much to do with how life can be lived. Awesome! Thank you so much!" 



"I learned lots and was so surprised how well my pitching improved! I was so down on myself when I arrived in Palm Springs that I nearly gave up golfing, but now I'm eager to learn more!" 



"Your approach is so very unique from my past lessons, and yet makes total sense. I certainly walked away feeling that I have a better outlook and more enthusiasm toward my golf game." 



"From my lessons with Brandon I have learned how to be more aware of what I am doing when I am swinging a golf club. This has lead me to more consistent shots, which is exactly what I asked for him to help me with. A very pleasant side effect is having more fun on the golf course than I knew was possible."