Golf with freedom programs


Private Coaching

Whether your a new golfer or an experienced pro, your private coaching sessions are designed to provide breakthroughs in the areas of the game that interest you the most. Learn how you learn, grow your awareness and discover what's possible.

Brandon specializes in providing a safe and empowering environment for all ages, genders and abilities to explore, discover, practice and play golf with freedom. 


Golf Classes, Workshops & Golf Schools

Immerse yourself in an environment that allows for significant breakthroughs in Learning, Enjoyment, Awareness development, and Performance (L.E.A.P.) Rediscover your instincts and use your own bodies design to develop a golf swing that you enjoy and trust.

No tips, techniques or formulas to remember. Learn how you learn, develop your abilities to self-coach, handle self-doubt, have your swing become a form of creativity and self-expression while increasing your capacities to be present.