What is Golf with Freedom?

Imagine playing golf without swing thoughts, check-lists or formulas to remember. Imagine what your swing might feel like if you just knew you were going to hit it solid or if you mis-hit a shot you weren't afraid of doing it again. And imagine being able to coach yourself so that every practice session and every round of golf could be filled with enjoyment, learning and satisfaction...

Since 2008 Golf with Freedom has provided a refreshingly uncommon learning environment where students re-discover their instincts while freely exploring and discovering what's possible. Each private coaching session, group class, workshop or golf school is designed with the student in order for them to experience extraordinary and lasting breakthroughs in golf and in life.  

The Vision

We are committed to shifting the culture of golf from tips, techniques and formulas to one filled with exploration, discovery and freedom. This includes creating an environment where golfers can take risks without judgement or fear, re-connect to their instincts and truly discover what's possible.

What's Possible

  • Learn how you learn
  • Re-discover your instincts
  • Grow awareness and trust
  • How to identify and manage interference
  • Grow your capacities to self-coach
  • Develop solid contact
  • Increase accuracy
  • Discover effortless power
  • Explore creativity and adaptability
  • Play golf with freedom

"When letting go becomes more important than the quality of your shots,
the quality of your shots will amaze you." 
- Fred Shoemaker, Extraordinary Golf